Saturday, September 24, 2016

The "occassional sidestepping" journey of art

Have you ever had? then lost it? then regained it? in your art? 
I can see some of you nodding your heads and saying
"oh yeah"...
I know I am not alone. 
The "art" to this process is sometimes walking away ( sometimes for a LONG time, like weeks ) but, and this is the hard part...never giving up!

Here is the finished journal cover

The journey
Several weeks..OK, maybe more like several months ago I began working on a cover for my current art journal. I had a pretty good first layer and then I had the bright idea to see if I could drop some alcohol inks on top of the first layer and I liked the results for the most part but it seemed unfinished...and I was regretting the alcohol inks...yet I liked it

Then I thought I would take this piece of text paper and do a collage around the outside edge of the cover and this is where I go off in the little art abyss where I know I am in trouble but I cannot stop myself. ( kinda like wiggling your legs in quicksand, you know your making it worse, but you just do it anyway! ) I began covering up all the stuff that I really liked....wth? ( insert big sigh here ) and this is where I should have walked away...should have, should have...oh why didn't I?
But noooooo...well, I messed up big, BIG time. I used way too much alcohol ink and it just made a super big YUCK over everything!

I frantically spritzed the cover with alcohol and tried to wipe everything off as best that I could considering the frame of mind I was in by now, and then I very calmly walked away from it. Cleaned up my work space and admitted that I was defeated...for now

Then after months of glancing at the disaster every time I opened up my journal to work in it: the idea resurfaced...and it all started with last night's dream
 ( which was really weird and I wish I could remember all of it, hence the words ) 

 So while my dream flitted around in my head...( segway into the afternoon ) 

I was sitting on the couch opening my mail and sorting it into piles...what to keep, what to pay, and lastly my favorite, what to re-cycle into handmade paper when I came across some "fan art" that Netflix ran a contest for ( and which I sadly didn't enter ) big regret now, but oh well...I immediately cut the image out and laid her on top of the journal cover and it just fit...and I knew I wanted to use it along with the words above...very simpatico! 

Sometimes the journey in art is a straight path, and sometimes it is the long, winding backroad that you get lost on...and when it's all over it doesn't seem so painful and ridden with seems to be just something you had to go through to get where you are.

Friday, September 23, 2016


without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic:
a lackadaisical attempt.
lazy; indolent:
a lackadaisical fellow.
...lethargic, listless, lazy, uninspired....sigh...

Some days I just can't think of anything that I want to paint...or draw....or anything. I just don't feel inspired, but I feel like I should do something. At least if I was motivated to go work in the garden, walk around the park or even ( heaven forbid ) clean house, then at least I would be doing something!
 I'm bored, bored, bored
I did spend a few minutes this morning requesting that my library invest in some more art's the least they could do to rouse my muse, who seems to have disappeared on me...yet again. 

So I wandered back into the art studio and pulled out my Gel Plate® and just played, with absolutely no goal in mind. That's usually the best time to do abstract art...maybe it will be a background for another piece or perhaps it should be left alone?

What do you do when your muse abandons you?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scrapbooking again

I use to scrapbook...a lot.
And now I have no excuses not to do it again because Gel Press® has come out with a 12x12" plate for scrapbookers!
awesome, right?
I mean this fulfills 2 needs
1. To record precious moments of my grand-nephew
2. to art! I love making my OWN background papers and all my letter coordinate too which is a bonus, no need to buy everything trying to get it to all match!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just don't...

I've practiced Blind Drawing throughout my life, even as a child I would draw animals and flowers with my eyes closed, not trying to be blind but seeing if I could remember where I was spatially on the paper without looking. I used to put notebooks on top of my head and draw....I know, I was a weird child.
It's been utilized as an adult when trying to record dreams while still in the dream state under the covers of my warm bed by blindly writing down my recollections while I can still remember them.

So when I saw Carolyn Dube put out the challenge for Blind Painting, I thought I'd give it a go, but I did opt out of using paint and chose gelatos instead which made it a little less messy. I also chose only 2 stencils and 2 colors of gelatos and began on a brayered background of acrylic paint in my journal. I also had to let the gelatos dry so I got to open my eyes and see what it looked like and was very pleased. After it was dry I came back with my gel pens, closed my eyes again and drew a very wonky flower. Looks like something a toddler would draw and I just went with it and colored in the blocked areas with different colors.
Then as I sat looking at my little tiny flower the words "Don't take anything for granted in life" just came to me so I stamped them along the side.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pisces mother moon

The last eclipse of the year is a Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 16th, in the sign of Pisces. This eclipse is suppose to have a very powerful and high vibration with Pisces's energy being highly creative and intuitive. Being that I am born under the sign of Pisces and being...well...arty....I paid close attention to the signs in the hopes of being more...more creative...more everything! I went outside and looked at the moon and then came back in and created this art journal page.
 I am entering this in 
since I used 2 movie ticket stubs to submit what I would like to get out of this moon phase....peace, art and love. I'ts suppose to be full again tonight so I'll go out and do a little mantra meditation tonight.

I know you can't see the Mother Moon very well, she is actually a "promotion" sticker I got several years ago at a tourist shop and I just cut her out but since she is gold foil she is hard to capture on the camera.

What are you hoping will happen to you?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Ok, so maybe "wowzers" isn't the best title for a blog post..but my other choice was "OMGOMGOMG!!"

Everyone that knows me knows that I just love the technique by Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl of dropping Tim Holtz® Alcohol Inks  through a Seth Apter stencil. Well, I just discovered last night, thanks to Sally Lynn McDonald that I can do this same technique on my Gel Press® plate by just using a little hand sanitizer! whoa!! Needless to say, I ran to the store to get some as fast as my little Jeep would legally allow me to do so!

I made a video to show you how I did it and how I made this ghost print too!

And did you know that we just added a new plate size? The 12x12" plate is perfect for scrapbooking!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

By gosh by golly...

I'll admit that what I ended up with is completely opposite to what I had started out with which I covered with a layer of white paint to which I loved the next morning! lol Funny how that happens, but sometimes giving in to defeat and starting over can be the best thing. Other than the white paint everything else if Faber Castell, the gelatos and the PITT pens. I love how smoothly they blend over the acrylic paint.

I hope it looks rustic enough, it's a style I don't do often, at least not intentionally which made for a good learning experience.

I also got a chance to add some practice to my typography with Marie Browning, she makes it looks so darn simple. I tried using my Tombow over the acrylic paint but it didn't show up black enough so I had to go over it again with my Micron Graphic....BOTH which rub off of acrylic paint pretty well with some spit...just saying, did I mention I need practice?

The screws if you are wondering are real screws that I used as a stamp with my Stazon ink...they worked out OK I guess, but then by golly I need practice with that technique too! lol